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May 2008

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BeaBetterManager User Guide
Do National Occupational Standards work?
Social Marketing Standards
Standards for Campaigning and Development Workers
Implementing Best Practice Workshops


The Drug and Alcohol National Occupational Standards (DANOS) were developed in 2002 and quickly became the benchmark for job descriptions, training and workforce development, qualifications, commissioning and a keystone of Models of Care for the treatment of people with drug and/or alcohol problems.

Over the past few years many drug and alcohol practitioners may have become confused about the policies of the Home Office, National Treatment Agency, Skills for Health and other public bodies towards DANOS and their centrality to developing a competent workforce to tackle substance misuse.

Skills for Health - the organisation responsible for maintaining the Drug and Alcohol National Occupational Standards (DANOS) - has launched a questionnaire (now closed - December 2008) inviting people to give feedback on their experience of DANOS and the kind of support they would like in the future.

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BeaBetterManager User Guide

Are you using BeaBetterManager to the full?

As well as best practice checklists covering the full range of management activities, links you to relevant National Occupational Standards, free resources on the Internet, books, courses, local and sector resources.

If you are registered and logged on you can also build your own checklists, store your favourite checklists and e-mail relevant checklists to friends and colleagues.

Click the image above or the User Guide button on the right-hand side of the Home page to find out how to access the full range of resources.

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Do National Occupational Standards work?

Since its launch just over a month ago, the Do NOS Work? Yahoo! Group has added scores of documents and case studies exploring the issue of whether National Occupational Standards deliver the benefits they promise.

There are now case studies from the following sectors:
* drugs and alcohol
* health
* justice
* management and leadership
* sport and active leisure
* voluntary and community
as well as a number of important government documents.

Join the discussion and add your own case studies on Do NOS Work?.

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Social Marketing Standards

The Marketing and Sales Standards Setting Body has launched an ambitious initiative to develop National Occupational Standards for those working in Social Marketing, described as the application of marketing alongside other concepts and techniques in order to influence individuals, organisations and policy-makers to adopt and sustain behaviour which improves people's lives.

Draft standards are available for consultation until 13 June. All social marketing practitioners, experts, educators and trainers are invited to contribute their views:
* online
* by e-mail
* by telephoning 07768 890653
* on a discussion forum
* at a series of workshops.

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Standards for Campaigning and Development Workers

The UK Workforce Hub has secured funding to develop two new National Occupational Standards for development workers in local infrastructure, and for campaigners. National Occupational Standards are the benchmark of good practice for your role at work. They outline, for example, the skills that make a good campaigner.

If you are keen to learn more about these two new pieces of work please email Rachel Brettand request to be added to the NOS email list.

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Implementing Best Practice Workshops

* Are you fair to all your staff and volunteers?
* Do you know how to dismiss staff fairly?
* What are the skills, and pitfalls of running a disciplinary case?
* When should you, and shouldn’t you use fixed term contracts?
* Do you recruit and select people legally?
* Do you know how to make sure you have a diverse workforce and a diverse customer base?
* Do you know how to make sure that your staff do not discriminate against anyone?

If your answer to any of these is ‘No’, then sign up for a PNE Implementing Best Practice Workshop on
* Complying with Employment Law, or
* Managing and Promoting Equality of Opportunity and Diversity.

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