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June 2008

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Happy Birthday!
Social Marketing Standards Consultation
Volunteer Management Software
Criminal Records Bureau checks
Global Volunteer Management Survey 2008 - Results
Top Checklists

Happy Birthday! is one year old this month. As well as best practice checklists covering the full range of management activities, now links you to relevant National Occupational Standards, free resources on the Internet, books, courses, local and sector resources. If you are registered and logged on you can also build your own checklists, store your favourite checklists and e-mail relevant checklists to friends and colleagues.

Click the image above or the User Guide button on the right-hand side of the Home page to find out how to access the full range of resources. More exciting features are planned over the coming months.

We hope you find a useful resource. If you do, please tell your friends and colleagues about it. If there are other facilities you would like to see on the site please e-mail

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Social Marketing Standards Consultation

The Marketing and Sales Standards Setting Body has launched an ambitious initiative to develop National Occupational Standards for those working in Social Marketing, described as the application of marketing alongside other concepts and techniques in order to influence individuals, organisations and policy-makers to adopt and sustain behaviour which improves people's lives.

The consultation on the draft Social Marketing National Occupational Standards closes on Friday 13 June. Download the questionnaire and send your feedback today.

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Volunteer Management Software

Keeping track of volunteers and matching their skills and interests to the opportunities available can be a complicated business. The Association of Volunteer Managers' wiki reviews the software available to help you manage the process.

Find out more here

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Criminal Records Bureau checks

The Office of the Third Sector has recently published guidance for volunteering in relation to CRB checks.

Download the full Guidance.

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Global Volunteer Management Survey 2008 - Results

The results of the first ever global Volunteer Management Survey have been published by People First - Total Solutions of Melbourne, Australia.

Some key findings:

  • Volunteer Managers pay is not linked to any other measure: length of service, volunteer program size

  • 44% of volunteer coordinators have been in their current role for less than 2 years

  • 42% will be out of the field within five years

  • 63% see their job only as a stepping stone

  • most see their volunteers as essential to their program

  • the biggest issue volunteer managed face is getting the resources to run theprogram (no surprises there!)

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Top Checklists

So far this year, the most popular checklist by far is:
Lead with 2057 views.

The next most popular checklists are:
Lead meetings (1444 views)
Participate in meetings (727 views)

Build teams (1189 views)
Develop teams (737 views)
Develop individuals (646 views)

Manage your workload (1158 views)
Align your values motivations and aspirations (741 views)
Develop your knowledge, skills and performance (655 views)

Recognise and assess problems (818 views)
Agree the decision objectives (503 views)

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