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September 2008

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Checklist of the Month: Lead
Tip of the Day
National Leadership Development Directory
Revised National Occupational Standards for Managing Volunteers Published
The Leadership Labyrinth

Checklist of the Month: Lead

This month's featured checklist is "Lead" - essential and practical good sense for anyone in a leadership position. Bullet points from the checklist will appear daily in "Tip of the Day" and be sent by e-mail to all subscribers. Click on the image below to view to whole checklist.

Can you suggest ways to improve this checklist? If so, click on the "Build a Better Checklist" button at the bottom of the checklist page, edit the checklist and send it back to us. We'll incorporate the best suggestions in the next version of the checklist that appears on

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Tip of the Day

Tip of the Day allows registered users of to receive daily management and leadership tips by e-mail.

This function - which has been suspended for the past three months for technical reasons - has now been reinstated. If you would like to receive daily tips, just login (or register if you are not already registered), click "my details" and put "Y" against "would you like to receive our tip of the day?"

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National Leadership Development Directory

The National Leadership Development Directory is a ‘product in development’. The Third Sector Leadership Centre has identified and collected leadership development at a national and regional level and will continue to develop this resource to ensure that all provision available is included.

Click the image above to search for leadership development relevant to you.

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Revised National Occupational Standards for Managing Volunteers Published

The UK Workforce Hub has revised and updated the national standards for the management of volunteers – which are available to download for free from today.

These standards have been developed for everyone who manages volunteers. Voluntary and community organisations across the UK will be able to make use of the new standards in their recruitment, selection, training and development procedures in order to improve the skills of volunteer managers.

The standards were written by a steering group of experts and practitioners led by the UK Workforce Hub and compiled by the Management Standards Consultancy. The process included a three month UK wide consultation period in which individuals were able to contribute their views via an on line consultation or at one of the UK events. All of this hard work has led to this final version.

These standards are funded by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills, (UKCES). They include the knowledge and skills that every competent manager of volunteers needs to be able to demonstrate in order to do their job to a nationally recognised level of competence.

The new standards can be accessed at .

The revised Standards for Managing Volunteers have all been mapped against the relevant checklists on Just click on the "occupational standards" button on the right of each checklist.

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The Leadership Labyrinth

Exploring leadership in the third sector has to take into account the complex and diverse nature of a sector which consists of both very large and very small voluntary and community organisations, individual community activists and social enterprises.

The report examines current leadership practice within the sector, and identifies some of the resources and tools available to support leaders in a variety of contexts. The Leadership Labyrinth draws both on existing research undertaken by the Third Sector Leadership Centre and other organisations, and on a series of 26 interviews across a variety of leadership contexts which were carried out for this publication.
Stories from leaders' everyday challenges are captured in a dialogue that demonstrates the world in which they inhabit and the leadership skills required to show up as a leader, every day.

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