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January 2008

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Build a Better Checklist!
Do you manage volunteers?
Customised versions of
New Management and Leadership Standards
Standards for Social Marketing
Feedback drives new developments

Build a Better Checklist! contains hundreds of checklists to help managers solve problems, seize opportunities and achieve results. These are based on the UK's National Occupational Standards and examples of good practice from around the world. However, we don't claim they are perfect and, anyway, they need to be continuously improved in line with developments in management practice. We now challenge you to "build a better checklist" and help us keep up to date.

At the foot of every checklist we have added a build a better checklist button. This example comes from the "Lead Meeting" checklist:

By clicking on this button you can download a copy of the current checklist in MS Word format. You can edit the checklist as you wish and we invite you to e-mail your improved version back to us, so that we can incorporate your recommendations when we next update the site.

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Do you manage volunteers?

The UK Workforce Hub is undertaking a project to review and refresh the Management of Volunteers National Occupational Standards to ensure they continue to meet the needs of managers in the voluntary and community sector.
National Occupational Standards (NOS) for the Management of Volunteers are benchmarks of good practice which underpin the National/Scottish Vocational Qualifications (N/SVQs) in Management of Volunteers.

The UK Workforce Hub invites you to take part in a consultation process and contribute your views on the draft standards which have been updated by The Management Standards Consultancy and a Steering Group with representatives from the Voluntary and Community sector across the UK.

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Customised versions of

From January 2008, organisations can create links from their websites or intranets directly to a special version of, complete with their corporate logo on each page.

This example has been created for MOSAICO - the European multidisciplinary association for learning:

For a version of personalised to your organisation, contact

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New Management and Leadership Standards

During 2006-7, work was carried out to review the Management and Leadership National Occupational Standards to ensure they were fit-for-purpose in meeting the requirements of the sector. This work resulted in the development of nine new units which now form part of the Management and Leadership National Occupational Standards.

However, further changes were also recommended and these have been the focus of a new project. Initial desk and field research by The Management Standards Consultancy has resulted in the following actions:

  • 12 units from other sets of National Occupational Standards have been identified to import into the Management and Leadership suite.

  • 13 new units have been drafted to fill gaps where no suitable existing units have been found

  • 29 units from the existing Management and Leadership suite have been amended

  • 8 units from the existing Management and Leadership suite have been identified to be removed from the suite.

The MSC is now seeking views from users and potential users as to whether these units are suitable for inclusion within the Management and Leadership National Occupational Standards. Please review the units and give your feedback by completing the online questionnaire at

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Standards for Social Marketing

The Marketing and Sales Standards Setting Body is developing National Occupational Standards for those involved in Social Marketing (working definition: "the systematic application of marketing, alongside other concepts and techniques, to achieve specific behavioural goals for a social good").

For more information and to complete the initial questionnaire, please go to MSSSB website.

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Feedback drives new developments

Thanks to all who gave us feedback on what they find useful and not so useful about

As a result we have already implemented some important improvements, such as "build a better checklist" and the customised versions of the site.

Over the coming months, expect to receive regular newsletters (but only if you Register) with information about new facilities, such as a "My Checklists" folder where you can store your favourite checklists on line, plus a tool to assess your performance as a manager and get feedback from colleagues and friends.

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