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February 2008

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New "My Checklists" Facility
Social Marketing Workshops
International Management Development
Job Opportunities for Managers of Volunteers
ASET Accredited Courses from Human Performance
Local Land Charges Website Launched
Management Decision: Common Sense and other Decision Influences
Top Ten Checklists

New "My Checklists" Facility

If you are registered with you can store checklists relevant to you in your personal "my checklists" folder.

You can quickly get helpful advice, view relevant National Occupational Standards and access free web resources, books, courses etc.

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Social Marketing Workshops

The Marketing and Sales Standards Setting Body is running a series of free workshops across the UK during March to develop National Occupational Standards for those working in social marketing (working definition: improving the quality of life through evidence-based policies, practices and communications that motivate individuals and organisations to adopt and sustain positive behaviours).

To book your place, complete the application form on MSSSB website.

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International Management Development

Being International: what do managers and professionals really think is important - and do the experts agree?

New research results from WorldWorks' International Profiler show that gender, expatriate experience and national culture influence the extent to which professionals emphasise a range of international success factors.
By combining these results with a survey on how interculturalists rank international competencies, Nigel Ewington, Richard Lowe and David Trickey reveal some key similarities and differences between professionals in the field and the trainers, consultants and academics who develop them.

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Job Opportunities for Managers of Volunteers

Every week new vacancies are appearing on the Association of Volunteer Managers web forum.

Check the latest vacancies here.

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ASET Accredited Courses from Human Performance

Human Performance is an ASET Nationally Licensed Training Centre and now offers four of its 23 skills development programmes as ASET Awards. Each ASET programme is mapped across to the relevant National Occupational Standards and has been quality assured and accredited by the ASET Awarding Body.

Candidates that complete an ASET Award with Human Performance and meet the learning outcomes of the programme receive a nationally recognised Level 3 Certificate. Subject areas covered include Project Management; People Management; Disciplinary & Grievance; Time Management and Appraisal. Find out more.

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Local Land Charges Website Launched is a new website that helps those working in Local Land Charges and Property Information in local councils to meet National Occupational Standards.

Managed by The Management Standards Consultancy Ltd on behalf of Asset Skills and the Local Land Charges Institute, the website is available free of charge to anyone working in relevant local authority departments.

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Management Decision: Common Sense and other Decision Influences

Management Decision, published by Emerald Publishing, is planning a special issue on Common Sense and other Decision Influences.

Emerald is the world's leading publisher of management research. Its focus on theory-into-practice means that all Emerald journals publish papers with direct application to the world of work.

Eight to ten papers will be accepted for this special issue. All papers will be double-blind reviewed, after a preliminary screening by the guest editor. This call solicits both papers and reviewers.

As a guide, papers should be between 3,000 and 6,000 words in length. A title of not more than twelve words should be provided.

Articles should be submitted no later than June 1, 2008 to ScholarOne's Manuscript Central

Author guidelines are on Emerald Insight's website

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Top Ten Checklists

In January, the most popular checklists on were:
Lead (597 users)
Manage your workload (455 users)
Lead meetings (385 users)
Build teams (218 users)
Align your values, motivations and aspirations (208 users)
Participate in meetings (173 users)
Develop your knowledge, skills and performance (172 users)
Develop individuals (143 users)
Develop teams (137 users)
Counsel individuals (116 users)

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