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March 2008

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Do you manage volunteers?
Social Marketing Workshops - Your Last Chance to Book
Implementing Best Practice Workshops
Tough Times in People Management
Top Ten Checklists

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In response to feedback, has been revamped to make it even easier for managers to find the best practice checklists they need to solve problems...seize opportunities...achieve results.

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Do you manage volunteers?

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback on the revised National Occupational Standards for Managing Volunteers. The standards have now been approved by the Project Steering Group and will go forward for accreditation next month.

To help UK Workforce Hub finalise the structures for the National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs) and Scottish Vocational Qualifications (SVQs) they need more information about what people who manage volunteers in different contexts actually do – ie which of the units of the revised standards apply to them.

Please complete this questionnaire if you manage volunteers, and also ask other colleagues who manage volunteers to do so. Please send your feedback by 6 March 2008.

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Social Marketing Workshops - Your Last Chance to Book

Seize your last chance to attend these free workshops to develop National Occupational Standards for those working in social marketing (working definition: improving the quality of life through evidence-based policies, practices and communications that motivate individuals and organisations to adopt and sustain positive behaviour ).

Remaining dates available are:
London (18 March - limited availability)
Belfast (19 March).

To book your place, complete the application form on the MSSSB website

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Implementing Best Practice Workshops

PNE has just finalised its ‘Implementing Best Practice’ programme which offers a variety of ways for organisations in the voluntary and community sector to identify and implement best practice to ensure better performance, efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability.

The workshops include a range of learning and development opportunities covering a variety of topics such as Planning, Funding and Finance, Leadership, Governance, Management of Staff and Volunteers, Quality, Policy and Procedures, Employment Law and lots more.

Each workshop will cover a topic in an interactive and practical way, helping you to develop your skills and introduce best practice into your organisation.

Please click here for information on the one day workshops.

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Tough Times in People Management

Implementing disciplinary and grievance procedures and telling staff their posts are redundant are activities few of us look forward to. Unfortunately, many managers avoid confronting these issues altogether, often with dire consequences.

Do we need National Occupational Standards to describe these functions and are the drafts prepared by the Management Standards Centre fit for purpose?

Please complete the online consultation questionnaire or e-mail your feedback to Trevor Boutall .

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Top Ten Checklists

The most popular checklists last month on were:
Lead (469 visits)
Manage your workload (269)
Build teams (260)
Lead meetings (234)
Recognise and assess problems (207)
Develop teams (165)
Agree the decision objectives (134)
Develop individuals (132)
Counsel individuals (129)
Develop your knowledge, skills and performance (117)

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