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April 2008

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Management Tip of the Day
Do NOS Work?
Jobs in Volunteer Management
DANOS 2012
Using Local Land Charges and Property Services National Occupational Standards
Volunteering England National Convention
Top Ten Checklists

Management Tip of the Day

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Do NOS Work?

After all the investment - by the government, organisations and individuals in National Occupational Standards and National/Scottish Vocational Qualifications - have they actually led to improvements in performance?

Join the debate on this new Yahoo! Group. Share your experiences with colleagues. Read about other people's successes and avoid their pitfalls.

It's free to join here.

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Jobs in Volunteer Management

The Jobs Forum continues to be by far the most popular forum on the Association of Volunteer Managers website with 38 new jobs posted in the past month.

Visit the AVM Jobs Forum.

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DANOS 2012

FDAP (the Federation of Drug and Alcohol Professionals) and COG (the Competence Group) have teamed up to promote DANOS 2012 - a vision of the substance misuse workforce in 2012 with practical steps to achieve this vision.

There is a practical guide to national occupational standards (including DANOS), workforce development and competence assessed qualifications - for workers, supervisors & line managers, plus a separate guide for commissioners and services.

Download these guides for free from the FDAP website.

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Using Local Land Charges and Property Services National Occupational Standards

The latest survey of Local Land Charges sections discovers that nearly 3 out of 10 local authorities are using National Occupational Standards and/or National Vocational Qualifications to improve their performance.

The survey compares this year's data with similar results from 2005/6 and 2007 and finds that, whilst training and NVQs are still the most popular uses, there has been a marked increase in usage of standards for induction and performance management.

A full copy of the report can be downloaded from

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Volunteering England National Convention

Transforming passion into power: volunteering at the heart of social change. Gateshead 23-25 April 2008

There will be something for everyone at the volunteering Convention of the year. Hear from third sector leaders at one of the plenary sessions and take your pick from 71 tailored workshops over the Convention’s three days. At any workshop you will gain an invaluable insight into the work of Volunteering England and of key organisations working in and with the third sector, enhancing your work to ensure that volunteering remains at the heart of social change. Make sure you take advantage of the numerous networking opportunities too, including the Gala Dinner - the perfect place to meet a variety of people with an interest in volunteering from the public, private and third sectors.

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Top Ten Checklists

An analysis of last month's clicks on shows an increasing interest in leadership and the softer management skills.

These are the top ten checklists.

Lead meetings
Develop teams
Manage your workload
Develop your knowledge, skills and performance
Recognise and assess problems
Allocate work
Develop individuals
Align your values, motivations and aspirations
Develop teams

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