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Occupational Standards - Business Enterprise

BD10   Get support for a creative business idea
BD2   Define the product or service of your business
BD3   Plan where your business is going
BD4   Carry out a review of your business
BD6   Make changes to improve your business
BD7   Improve the quality of products or services
BL1   Decide on a business location
BL2   Choose a business premises
BL3   Contract for a business premises
BS1   Identify needs and suppliers for your business
BS2   Monitor the quality and use of supplies and equipment in your business
EE1   Achieve the goals for your business
EE2   Win and keep customers
EE3   Make deals to take your business forward
EE4   Find innovative ways to improve your business
EE5   Build relationships to build your business
LG3   Develop procedures to control risks to health and safety
LG4   Conduct an assessment of risks in the workplace
LG5   Assess the environmental impact of your business
MN1   Decide on the financial needs of your business
MN2   Set and monitor financial targets for your business
MN3   Keep financial records for your business
MN4   Manage cash flow in your business
MN5   Get customers to pay on time
OP1   Review the skills your business needs
OP2   Plan what people your business needs
OP3   Recruit people for your business
OP5   Make sure people in your business can do their work
OP6   Develop people's skills for your business
OP7   Deal with workplace problems or disputes
OP8   Change job roles and handle redundancy
WB1   Check what customers need from your business
WB10   Make presentations about your business
WB11   Decide how you will treat your business customers
WB12   Deliver a good service to customers
WB2   Plan how to let your customers know about your products or services
WB3   Plan how you will sell your products or services
WB5   Sell your products or services
WB6   Explore overseas markets for your business
WB7   Sell your products or services on the Internet
WB9   Bid for work for your business
YS1   Explore your own business motives
YS2   Check your ability to run your business
YS3   Improve your business skills
YS5   Manage time in your business
YS6   Delegate work to others in your business









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