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Occupational Standards - Marketing

1.1.1   Map organisations within their current and future marketing environment
1.1.2   Obtain feedback from existing customers, suppliers and others
1.1.3   Identify and monitor competitorsí marketing strategies and activities
1.2.1   Define the need for market research
1.2.3   Implement programmes to collect market research data
1.2.4   Collect market research data
1.2.5   Analyse market research data
1.3.1   Evaluate and interpret findings and identify connections in complex data
2.1.1   Develop an organisationís marketing strategy
3.1.1   Develop marketing strategies and plans for products/services
3.2.1   Establish requirements for products/services
3.2.2   Develop new products/services
3.3.1   Establish and maintain pricing policy for products/services
3.4.1   Develop a distribution strategy for products/services
3.4.2   Develop a marketing distribution plan
3.4.3   Implement a marketing distribution plan
3.4.4   Motivate distribution channel members
4.1.2   Develop a marketing communications strategy and plans for products/services
4.2.1   Develop advertising strategy
4.2.3   Develop a media plan for advertising products/services
4.3.1   Create a direct marketing strategy and outline plan
4.4.3   Build and manage stakeholder relationships
4.4.9   Develop public relations strategies and tactics to promote products/services
4.5.1   Develop a sales promotion strategy and plan
5.2.1   Lead the monitoring and evaluation of marketing performance
6.1.1   Put an organisationís marketing plan into action
6.1.2   Implement marketing strategies and plans for products/services
6.2.1   Assess marketing opportunities within international and/or diverse markets
6.2.2   Establish the business case and marketing plan for distributing products/services to international and/or diverse markets
6.2.3   Implement and evaluate marketing plans for international and/or diverse markets
6.3.2   Manage a marketing budget (MSC E1)
7.1.1   Develop sales strategies and plans (Sales A2.2)
7.1.7   Monitor and solve customer service problems
7.4.1   Develop productive working relationships with colleagues (MSC D1)
8.1.1   Recruit, select, and keep marketing colleagues (MSC D3)
8.1.3   Allocate and monitor work within marketing (MSC D6)
8.1.5   Encourage innovation (MSC C2)
8.2.1   Manage your own resources and professional development (MSC A2)









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