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Web Resources - Business Link

Building Teams
Recruiting and interviewing
Recruiting Directors
Recruiting and employing disabled people
Recruiting new staff and your legal responsibilities
Make a job offer and pre-employment checks
The employment contract
Employing young people
Getting new workers started
End employment correctly
Making an employee redundant
Building a management team
Recruiting and getting started
Disciplinary problems, disputes and grievances
When an employee resigns
When an employee leaves through ill health
Equal opportunities
Access and facilities for disabled people
How a diverse workforce has helped me with my business
Prevent discrimination and value diversity
Save money by using energy efficiently
Develop new products and services
Research and develop your business ideas
Handling potential redundancies
Managing health, safety and environment
Create a personal development plan
Skills and training
Occupational health and welfare - an overview
Reorganisations, restructures and other major changes
Help, finance and advisers
What to put in your tender
Working environment
Exploit your ideas
The importance of planning and communication
Implementing change
Managing people
Dismissal, redundancies and other exits
Your responsibilities for health, safety and the environment
Health & safety performance indicator
Create and operate a health, safety and environment policy
Risk assessment - an overview
Working practices
Health, safety and working environment
Save money by reducing waste and use of raw materials
Set up a health, safety and environmental management system
Record and report an accident or incident
Taking on staff - the options
Widen your choice of employees to improve competitiveness
Importance of knowledge to a growing business
Importance of health, safety and environment to your business
Use your business plan to get funding
Researching overseas markets
Profitable customers
Selling overseas
International trade
Assessing current performance
Benchmark the performance of your business
Crisis management and business continuity planning
Review your business performance
Managing risk
Setting a vision for growth
Prepare a business plan for growth
Customer protection
Financing growth
Ensure your products are safe and well designed
Debt factoring and invoice discounting: the basics
Budgeting and business planning
Use appraisals to manage performance
Leading staff through growth
The supplier selection process
Manage your suppliers
Negotiate the right deal with suppliers
Manage overseas suppliers
Growth through strategic sourcing
Key skills for owners and directors
Lead and motivate your staff
How to set useful targets for your business
Write your marketing plan
Giving direction to staff
Manage your research, design and development
Innovation, research and development grants
Research and development
Help for inventors and innovators
Risk management (IT)
Customer relationship management
Benefits of databases
Information security best practice
Keeping your systems and data secure
Selling and the law
Create your marketing strategy
Manufacturing innovation
Market research and market reports
Reach your customers effectively
Online marketing and e-commerce
Advertising, branding and design
Forecast and plan your sales
Tender for a contract
Close a sale
Recruit and manage sales staff
Effective selling
Understand your competitors









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