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Key areas

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Sector resources

The Skills for Business Network aims to develop the skills of all those working in the UK.
Choose from the list below to find out what your Sector Skills Council has to offer.

Active leisure and learning
Apparel, footwear and textiles
Arts, crafts, music, cultural heritage, design and advertising
Building services and engineering
Central government
Chemical, nuclear, oil and gas, petroleum and polymers
Electricity, gas, waste management and water
Environmental and land-based industries
Financial services
Food and drink manufacturing and processing
Freight logistics
Hospitality, travel, tourism
Information technology and telecommunications
Life-long learning and education
Local Land Charges
Local government
Management & Leadership
Passenger transport
Process and manufacturing industries
Property services, housing, cleaning and facilities management
Retail motor industry
Science, engineering and manufacturing technologies
Skills for Business All-Sector Management and Leadership Programme
Social care, children and young people


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